The People's Yoga-

SE Hawthorne 






The People's Yoga-

SE Hawthorne

In YOGA CEREMONY I seek to connect with the essence of Yoga as a spiritual (or heart-based) practice and feed the need for more meaningful rituals by inviting participants to move and be in the body with the highest quality attention and breath, and with a specific intent in each session. Class incorporates guided meditation and ceremony (often based on the cardinal elements), breath work, deep core awareness, and yoga asana (poses). Pose variations and hands-on-assists are available and always optional to meet individual student’s needs. Expect a gentle, yet challenging, internally focused practice that emphasizes how to carry your skills and spirit off the mat and into daily life. All levels and all peoples welcome.  I aim to create an inclusive and safe(r) space for somatic exploration, honest reflection and empowerment.

The People's Yoga

4252 SE Belmont

Portland, OR 97215

Tel:  503.877.9644

YOGA, PILATES, THERAPUETICS:  At my Eastside movement studio, a one-on-one session is tailored to meet your individual needs and goals. Each session is an alchemical and intuitive process, wherein I'll ask questions, listen to your story/ideas/language and then guide breath and movement.  I use elements of Yoga, Pilates and functional movement, depending upon what you want.  Some students choose to do a private session every once in a while to ask specific questions, work on a specific pose, or begin a home practice.  To deepen and develop your practice or work with chronic pain/injuries, I highly encourage committing to private sessions on an ongoing basis for lasting results.  If you’re new to Yoga, Pilates or mindful movement, privates are a great way to learn in a safe(r) and slow setting.  


MENTORING, COACHING, CONSULTING:  These informational sessions are for those of you who want guidance on how to become a yoga or Pilates teacher, how to up-level your current teaching, ideas on running a yoga/Pilates studio, conscious business practices, or general how-tos.   I will share my knowledge, brainstorm, and help you develop action steps.


***I've been teaching  since 2001 (19 years) to a broad range of clients, that include NFL Hall of Famer, Steve Young and International Popstar, Lady Gaga.  I work with all variety of ability levels and issues, including, but not limited to: chronic injuries, herniations, hip-replacements, scoliosis, pre&post surgery, auto-immune disorders, depression/anxiety/panic disorders, PTSD, pre&post natal, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, cancer, arthritis and more.  I specialize in trauma-informed practices and I have a keen ability for working with hyper-mobility, body dysmorphia/disordered eating and chronic pain, as I have walked my own healing path through these issues.  My approach is holistic----addressing the body through not only physical intervention, but also through exploring emotions, thoughts and feelings of connection to life/aliveness, or what I refer to as, 'spirit'.


Initial or once-in-a-while, single sessions are 75 minutes.  Ongoing privates are 55-minutes.  Pilates equipment, Reformer and Cadillac, and mat work are available at my studio, located near the Hawthorne Bridge in the Central Eastside Industrial District at 1319 SE Martin Luther King Blvd.  


Contact me directly to set up an appointment here.

  • $100 for 1 

  • $450 for 5

  • $850 for 10

  • $150 for a private, in-home session  


If you need to cancel a private session, please kindly give 24 hour notice. If canceling with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged in full.

-Please wear comfortable, form-fitting clothes for your ease of movement and so that I can see you move!
-If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, please call or text me.
-Please refrain from wear strong scents or perfumes.